Team Coaching helps teams achieve more together, improve engagement and get results.

It helps teams engage and improve relationships with their stakeholders, develop their collective leadership and adapt more of a team mindset. Working with an external team coach the focus is on helping the team to improve performance, and related processes through reflection and dialogue.


Working with an external team coach can help teams:

  • Develop their collective leadership
  • Adapt a team mindset
  • Engage and improve relationships with their stakeholders
  • Facilitate conversations that otherwise would be avoided
  • Encourage equal contribution and participation
  • Create psychological safety and build trust

Team Coaching has the greatest impact on:

  • Leadership teams implementing a new strategy or initiative
  • Leadership teams facing a new beginning e.g. during or following a restructure, a new team project, dealing with rapid change
  • Leadership teams seeking to develop and improve working relationships
  • Teams working virtually
  • Teams based in different locations

Team Coaching requires commitment from all the team.

Team Coaching also works best when sessions take place regularly over a period of months. After an initial enquiry, Denise will speak in depth with you taking the time to thoroughly understand the desired objectives for Team Coaching.  There are a number of recommended steps in the Team Coaching process.


  • Introductory meetings with the team as a whole to establish commitment.
  • Team member interviews and individual assessments e.g. DISC and Strengths Profiler to identify team strengths, weaknesses, challenges and opportunities.
  • One day off-site which aims to set the stage for change, create an alignment between individual and team goals and debrief the assessments. It is an opportunity to design a team charter document outlining the team’s purpose, vision, goals, working agreements and measures of success. This one-page summary enables the team to see at a glance what they set out to do, how they will do it and how they will know they have been successful.


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