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If you often find yourself looking at books on “How To Be A Manager” then the Managers Pit Stop virtual one day workshop may be just the thing for you.


A lot of people don’t get any training before becoming a manager and yet put huge expectations on themselves to know all the answers – even when they’ve only been in the role for a short period. This was definitely me!


My first management role was in a large financial services company. I had been promoted to manage a team of six very experienced customer service representatives.


The company had every confidence that I could do the role however when it came to feeling confident myself – that was a different story.


The “How To Be A Manager” book that I bought one lunchtime at a bookshop in Liverpool city centre wasn’t really much help. I knew I would benefit from some practical guidance but I wasn’t very comfortable at the time asking for help because of what people might think.


When you step into your first management role one of the first things to remember is, you are not expected to automatically know everything about what being a manager entails on the first day – or even after a few weeks.


Even if you have been a manager for a long time you often don’t reach out for help because you think you should know what to do in every single situation. After all, you are a manager! I like to remind managers they are also human – not magicians. Is it realistic to put such an expectation on yourself?


What I learnt in that first experience of being a manager was my team and colleagues had great respect for my honesty, transparency and vulnerability when I asked for help and were only too pleased to offer their support when I asked for it.


I learned that by saying “I have no idea” and then going to find someone who did, the world didn’t end and I didn’t get the sack for not knowing what to do immediately.


In fact, managing a team of experts who did know the answers was a great asset.


What are your expectations of yourself as a manager? – are they realistic or are you being too harsh on yourself? What help do you need right now?


My one-day virtual Managers Pit Stop has been designed with this in mind. It provides some practical advice and guidance on how to get the best out those you manage and leave you feeling a lot more confident about being a manager.


What will we cover?

  • Feeling more confident when it comes to managing others
  • Motivating others to get stuff done in a virtual world
  • Putting yourself and your needs first
  • How to prioritise when everything is urgent
  • Managing and appreciating people’s differences
  • Delegating to the right people


Event details

Date and Time
Friday 14 May 2021
9:30am – 2:00pm




£150pp (+VAT) – If you signed up for a Managers Pit Stop webinar
£199pp (+VAT)


How to book
Places are limited so please email me at or fill out the form on this web page: