It is that time of year again when we look back on the year that is ending and forward to the year ahead. For many, it has been an even stranger year than 2020.

If you are a regular here, you know that in addition to the traditional good wishes that accompany my “Happy New Year” greetings I encourage clients to choose three words that represent their intentions and aspirations for the year ahead. These words represent how we want to show up every day and help us to focus more on the “being” part of being human. To focus on who want to be and who we are becoming.

They set the focus for the choices and actions we make every day and act as guideposts to look back, look forward, take stock, re-evaluate or adjust so we can become a better version of ourselves.

Of course, we can’t predict everything that will happen in the coming year, but we can choose how we want to respond to things that come our way; whether those things are positive or negative.

To pick my words, I reflect on the challenges I faced in the previous year, what I learnt and think about how this can be useful in the future. What are the traits, values and behaviours that I want to focus on?

From there, I pick three words that will be my guide and inspiration – and they capture my most important values.

I learnt that no matter what words you chose for yourself you can make them “pandemic proof”. This year one of my words was to have more adventure. So how did I manage to get on with “adventure” during those first few months of this year when we were in lockdown 3? I had to quickly let go of what I had hoped “adventure” would look like and look for alternative ways and experiences that were in my control. It wasn’t as hard as you might think. The adventure in Croatia was substituted for one in Cornwall. It was truly stunning and to make it a tad more exciting I took an aeroplane!

I haven’t quite decided but on 3 words for 2022 but there are a few on the shortlist.

What will your three words be for 2022? What do you want more of in your life? Answers on a postcard please…

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and hope that your year ahead brings you everything you wish for yourself and more