1. Three Tips to Boost Your Confidence

Amy Adkins – 4 minutes 2 seconds


Where does confidence come from and where can you get more of it?

Here are some tips & tricks to get you feeling more confident in yourself.

2. What Is Imposter Syndrome and How Can You Combat It?

Elizabeth Cox – 4 minutes 19 seconds


Do you secretly feel as though you haven’t earned your accomplishments? Then this video is for you. That feeling of fraudulence is actually very common.

3. The Power of Believing That You Can Improve

Carol Dweck – 10 minutes 13 seconds


There are two ways to look at a problem you need to solve. Are you not good enough to solve it… or have you just not solved it yet.

4. On Being Wrong

Kathryn Shulz – 17 minutes 37 seconds


We do everything we can to avoid being wrong but Kathryn Shulz puts forward a fabulous case for embracing it instead.

5. How To Ask For Help – and Get A “Yes”

Heidi Grant – 11 minutes 46 seconds


Asking for help can be really difficult so how can we get comfortable asking. Social psychologist, Heidi Grant, shares four simple rules for asking for help.

6. How To Build Your Confidence and Spark It In Others

Brittany Packnett – 13 minutes 23 seconds


In this talk Brittany Packnett says that “confidence is the necessary spark before that everything that follows”.

7. How To Speak Up For Yourself

Adam Galinsky – 15 minutes 01 seconds


For some of us, speaking up can be really tough. Social Psychologist, Adam Galinsky, gives some tips on asserting yourself and expanding your personal power in this TED Talk.