We all know that investing in marketing as a business owner is key if you want customers. No matter how much we might dread “getting out there” we don’t want to be a best-kept secret.


I got serious about working with an agency just over 8 years ago. I met a lot of agencies in my search, yet something was always missing and it didn’t feel quite right.


The first thing that struck me when I met Becki Wilson from The Loft was not the questions that she asked me about my business but the questions that she asked about me about myself.


She wanted to get a feel for who I was and what was important to me and what was my “why”.  As a coach wanting to attract the right type of clients, they spoke my language.


Since that first meeting, Becki Wilson and her team have been with me at every step and in 2017 a dedicated brand and digital specialist, Sheilagh Fleming, came on board initially to help me with the launch of my first book and since then with anything and everything related to marketing my brand.


We have done lots over the years and a new brand video is on its way and some news to share shortly about an exciting new venture I have been invited to join.


The evidence is clear as new clients have come on board and business continues to grow that they have done a great job making sure I am not a best-kept secret.


Arriving home on a cold wet dark November evening last week I found these beautiful flowers on the doorstep and a card of ‘well done wishes’ from Becki and Sheilagh on my exciting news soon to be announced. This level of thoughtfulness and kindness is rare.


People do business with people. The magic happens in business relationships when values align and both parties just get each other. Thank you to The Loft for practising your values and taking good care of this customer!

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