What’s your earliest memory? 


It’s a question that was posed on the podcast I was listening to recently. 


What came to mind was one of the first times I had my photograph taken. 


My mum had invited what would have been today’s version of Venture to our small terrace house to take some photos of my brother and I. 


We were sat on the dining room table and given an arrangement of toys to keep us occupied and distracted while he set up this huge camera. 


Apparently, and I can’t say I remember this bit but we were told the photographer left rather traumatised after my brother and I screamed the place down.


So it’s no surprise that for many years when a camera appeared for any type of ‘official’ photo, my mind transports me back to that moment in time for just a few seconds.


Thankfully times have changed.


Last month I spent a wonderful afternoon on the Liverpool waterfront having a photoshoot with the talented photographer Kat Hannon, creatively directed by The Loft.


Her assignment was to take some shots so I could update my website that would capture my essence and be reflective of my brand and what I stand for. So I needed not just a great photographer but one with super emotional intelligence, creativity and insight.


A strange brief you may think so why the depth?


The magic of coaching happens in the relationship between coach and client.


Clients want to feel safe, seen and heard. They want to get the feeling that the coach is the right fit for them.


Like most things in life, it has to feel right and coaching is no different.


It’s one reason I offer a coaching chemistry session to potential clients to answer the question – “do we think we can work together?” I am not everyone’s cup of tea and I know some amazing coaches who might be a better fit that I introduce people to if the connection just isn’t there in that first interaction.


So before Kat’s first click of the camera, I shared some words about how I want people to feel when they come to work with me as their coach and what past clients have shared in their client feedback stories. 


And here’s a preview of the results

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