When it comes to making decisions, especially around our careers, it’s good to get as much support as you can, whatever your profession. A coaching approach to a career conversation with a sprinkle of mentoring leaves the individual empowered to make the decision and take that next step that is right for them.

So, I am delighted to be joining a panel of researchers and academics at this year’s Career Day at The Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine, an internationally renowned biomedical research centre in Berlin.

“Ready for the Future? Finding Direction and Supporting Career Decisions” is this year’s theme.

Our panel will be taking a closer look at that all-important conversation an early career scientist has with their PI and some top tips and techniques so both parties can ensure that the key components that make the conversation meaningful are included

I have been coaching early career scientists for the last seven years helping them navigate their next career step, sometimes inside and sometimes beyond academia. Asking questions, listening intently, acknowledging struggle, challenging limiting beliefs and helping someone set meaningful goals that motivate them into the action that’s right for them.

Career conversations aren’t just about having a chat, it’s about having a chat that moves the individual forward and into action.

The wonders of Zoom mean I won’t get an opportunity to visit the Brandenburg Gate or the other sights of Berlin… however, there is always next year.