Investing in women is vital, says Executive Coach Denise Chilton

After returning from maternity leave, many women face discrimination and find it difficult to juggle work with the responsibilities that being a new mum brings.

Stress can lead to poor job performance, job absenteeism, strained relationships and burnout but multiple studies show that work-life balance leads to improved productivity, employee engagement and employee retention.

For new mums, work pressures, long hours and an “always on” culture can often lead to them feeling forced to resign or to take on a new role which is not suited to their qualifications and experience.

Liverpool coach, Denise Chilton, believes that forward-thinking organisations should look to leverage the benefits of work-life balance to support women in business.

She said: “a six-month returnship coaching programme can provide a safe, non-judgemental space to support women to return to work after a prolonged career break.”

“It offers women a stepping stone back into an experienced position, an opportunity to develop their personal and professional confidence, and strategies for maintaining work life balance.”

“For businesses, it means hiring and retaining the people with the right talent and experience and simultaneously increasing productivity and innovation. It’s a no-brainer all round.”

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