Hands holding Suddenly Single book

“The 40 candles that had adorned the cake to celebrate my milestone birthday were scarcely cool. The birthday gifts still lay scattered around the house. The cards from family and friends wishing me happy times ahead were still on display. The new diamond engagement ring that sparkled on the third finger of my left hand was a reminder of the commitment we had just made to each other.


“Six weeks later, seven simple words were to tip my world upside down, when the man I had lived with for the past five years and with whom I had planned my happy ever after, uttered: “I don’t think I love you anymore.” That one sentence was the prelude to what was to become my suddenly single journey over 17 years ago.


“I had thought that life was supposed to begin at 40 not fall apart. What I realised much later was that life actually had just begun. It was a very different life to the one I had envisaged but one where I would find out who I really was and what I was capable of.


“The painful ending was the start of a new beginning. I was about to discover that the most important relationship in life is not the one you have with someone else but the one you have with yourself.”



Today I am an Executive, Career and Life Coach working with brave women who want to live fulfilling and happy lives. I wrote Suddenly Single because I noticed patterns and common “stuck” points for women getting over a breakup. I wanted women to feel supported and to help them to understand and process what they were experiencing, not just in the early days but much further down the line.


Suddenly Single is a straightforward guide to help women overcome heartbreak and find their way to a new happily ever after. Ultimately, they are going to discover that the most important relationship that they will ever have in life, is not the one they have with someone else but they have with themselves.